iStill Distilling University Update!

We just released a new serie of three movies at the online iStill Distilling University. The following topics are added:

  • Arguments in favor of copper stills;
  • Arguments against copper stills;
  • Boilers shape and design.

Next week will see two new series being released. One of them will be about assembling and running the iStill Mini and the all-new amazing StillControl App.

The iStill Distilling University is the industry’s best educational facility, with a 9.8 out of 10 score by its students.

We now have a package deal where you can purchase the iStill Mini (shipped to your door in three workdays) and the iStill Distilling University training for EUR 5.000,-. For registration, see:

Willem, iStill Mini, StillControl App …


2 thoughts on “iStill Distilling University Update!

  1. Hello, Kindly ask you to provide me info where StillControl App is available? Is it compatible with Pasco temperature probes that were part of iMini set three monts ago, when I purchased it? Tnx 🙂

    • We build the probe and the new app inhouse to make distilling easier. They will be open for purchase in about 4 weeks from now.

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