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The American Craft Spirits Association’s convention in Portland is cancelled. The Craft Brewing Conference 2020, planned to take place in San Antonio, Texas, just got cancelled. The American Distilling Institute’s trade-show, that should take place in New Orleans, is now cancelled as well.

What’s the major impact of those cancellations? Information and education, or better phrased: the lack thereof. Many people, wanting to enter the industry, were planning to use the above mentioned shows to learn how to set up a distillery. Others, maybe more established craft distillers, were looking forward to deepen their knowledge, and learn new tips and tricks.

That’s not going to happen now. Or is it? Feel the basses rumbling and  the percussionists picking up pace? Here is iStill University Online … center stage!

iStill University

The iStill University is the word’s leading educational and training facility for the craft distilling industry. Students rate the curriculum as in depth, innovative, and a great combination of learning and practicing. They rate the iStill University’s educational program with an amazing 9.8 out of 10.

Since the iStill University is all about informing and educating distillers, both new to the trade and experienced, we are going to use its vast knowledge base to help out. iStill University goes online!


In order to inform and educate craft distillers, to help bridge the gap created by the annual trade-shows being cancelled and distillers now not being able to find adequate information, essential to their plans and plannings, iStill University will go online.

iStill University Online will present distilling related topics in depth. So that you can use the time you originally thought you’d spend in Portland, New Orleans, or San Antonio with us and online. Convenient. No health risks. In depth.

iStill University Online’s Program

  1. March 30th: Yeast Management;
  2. April 7th: Barrel Aging.

The first video will be released on March 30th. The topic that will be presented is “Yeast Management”. The presenter will dive into different varieties of yeast, how they affect flavor, what yeast to use for what drink, and how to manage yeast health. The information shared will give you control over the flavors that develop during fermentation. Essential for the production of great bourbon, whiskey, rum, and brandy.

The second video will give a comprehensive yet easy to understand break-down on how barrel aging works and how it affects the flavors in your drinks. It will be released on April 7th.

Here’s how you can participate

Do you want to see the videos? You can watch the videos via our website For everyone to see and share, and free of charge.

iStill University …








3 thoughts on “iStill University Online!

    • Hi Thomas, unfortunately we are two days late. The reason is a good one though. We are releasing a very nice learning environment for both rookies, students, and our customers!

      • Sweet!!! I know it’ll be worth the wait! Thank you Odin for your generously given wisdom. Cheers!

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