The Best Distilling Education in the World!

As you probably know, we don’t just design, build, and sell amazing stills and fermenters and mashers. We also educate some 150 to 200 distillers on an annual basis. And we help dozens more with recipe development and contract distilling.

Today, I’d like to share with you how proud I feel about the educations we offer distillers via the iStill University Certified Program. Every few weeks, as more and more tests come in, I take a few hour to score how the students did and whether they passed the exam that is part of the 4-day course we offer. This morning, I had nine tests to score, and I am happy to inform you all students passed.

But, as I studied the tests, and focussed on student feedback and on how they rated the course, well, something amazing happened. We got a perfect score. Humbled and proud, I’d like to share with you how these nine students (from four different courses) rated the iStill University, and what they loved:



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