Shipping new iStill Fermenters!

We are currently shipping another batch of six iStill Fermenters to Asia. They hold up to 5,000 liters, allow for on and off the grain fermentations, and are equipped with:

  • Agitator;
  • Boiler radiator and heater for temperature control;
  • pH Control;
  • SG Control;
  • Additional manhole;
  • 5 mm thick stainless steel!
  • Easy Discharge Center.

Six iStill Fermenters 5000 ready for transport …


Another iStill University Workshop!

As we speak another iStill University Certified Distilling Workshop takes place at iStill HQ in the Netherlands. Fourteen new distillers (or distillers new to iStill) get trained in mashing, fermenting and distilling top shelf product. From the Netherlands, the UK, USA, Denmark, Norway, Bosnia and Israel.

Please know that we are organizing new classes for 2020. We’ll be in Australia in January. After that another course takes place in the Netherlands. Then one or two in the United States. Check the planning out over here:

Learning how to distill equals learning how to create recipes …