iStill University Reviews!


Last weeks we gave two iStill University Certified Distilling Courses at 52eighty Distilling in Colorado. A total of 22 new distillers from the USA and Canada have now been properly trained. We had an amazing time giving the course and, more importantly, so did the students. The first reviews just came in. Let’s share them with a few pictures and some follow up course dates.

Student reviews

“The workshop did a very good job starting at a basic level and working up to more complex questions. I like the reliance on science and empirical data vs. myth and tradition. 
I enjoyed the interaction of the group and found the feedback sessions help further discussions about topics. It was a nice mix of bookwork and hands on practice. I would recommend the workshop to anyone seriously considering distilling.”
Travis Peterson, USA
“I think the hands-on experience with the iStill Mini was invaluable. It helped reinforce the concepts covered in the class and gave all of us a direct launch on making our own spirits and collecting the necessary data to scale when we take our recipe to a larger still. Also the whole idea of correlating the heads, hearts and tails to the taste profiles was een eye-opening for me. It really helped me put into context how to go about designing a spirit. 
I really enjoyed the class and wanted to thank all of you – Odin, Jason and Veronika. In addition the guys of 52eighty (host distillers) were great and it was a pleasure to meet them as well.”
Bryan D. Clapper, USA
New iStill University Trainings
  • November 18-21st: Amsterdam, the Netherlands;
  • January 20-23rd: Carrington, Australia;
  • April 26-29th: Denver, Co, USA.

For more information and/or registration, please reach out to


One thought on “iStill University Reviews!

  1. I just attended the class from October 28 thru 31st hosted by 52Eighty Distillery in Co (they produce some delicious spirits and drinks – check them out!!). The class was absolutely packed with facts and theory, coupled with hands on instruction that has opened my eyes to a whole new world of excellence. This experience has changed the trajectory of my distillery, where will will now open with incredibly high quality spirits that I didn’t have confidence in producing until completing the iStill University session. Odin, Jason & Veronika from iStill were incredibly knowledgeable, helpful & patient, while the hosts at 52Eighty were simply fantastic. As a nascent distillery, working towards opening and building out business & floor plan, they of them each offered real world invaluable practical insight that’s helping to pave the way for my success. Every iStill owner will be more successful and will shorten their time to profitability by attending and immersing themselves in this amazing class.

    John Pawluk, USA

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