Tom Grzelinsky’s Feedback!

Hi Odin, Veronika, Sebastiaan, Willem,

Firstly, sorry, I do not know William’s email address, so please just thank him for his part(s) in last week’s course.

So, I want to say thank you to you all.

The course was very, very, very good. Very intense, lots of learning. It was good to realise how much I have already learnt myself over the last two years, and then to take it to another level with your course.

I am very happy with my new knowledge of distilling theories, the history of distilling and how the iStills work. And yes Willem, I even understand why we have two thermometers near the top of the Mini column now, I think!

I view iStill as a family. Like Apple Computer was many years ago. I like the idea of being part of this family and buying in to the iStill ecosystem. I first stumbled on this person called Odin with a weird avatar character near the beginning of my learning, probably 18 months ago, but I knew nothing about iStill then. I kept coming across this person and he was very open, sharing information and helping people on many forums across the net. I still new nothing of iStill, but I appreciated how helpful he was to everyone. It was only later, about 6 months ago that I discovered he had started a company making stills. I like that his enthusiasm and openness to share information and help people was evident in all of you last week. Lastly, Odin’s theories and the hardware philosophies (and efficiencies) of the iStills make perfect, logical sense to me – this is something I want to be part of.

I would now like your help in advancing my plans…

Tom Grzelinsky:


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