Craft Spirits Design in the USA!

Last week we trained another group of eight distillers in how to design whiskey, vodka, and gin. During the class, the students learned about mashing, fermenting, distilling, and aging. They then applied the knowledge to start developing their own spirits.

Next 4-day iStill University Trainings will be in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, from March 18th through 21st. And in Denver, CO, USA, from March 25th through 28th. For more info or registration, please reach out to

Here is an impression in pictures of the Madison merry bunch …

One thought on “Craft Spirits Design in the USA!

  1. I just spent and hour on the phone with Jason reviewing information from the class that I attended at #TwoTallDistilling earlier this month. If you are on the fence about purchasing from iStill let me offer you this as an example of the level of customer service that they provide. I have been dealing with Jason and Odin for 2 years asking them numerous questions and requesting information and they have been so gracious with the knowledge they have and I know this will make me successful when I move forward to become a distiller. The sincerity with which they operate and the genuine desire for everyone to simple make the best spirits possible is why I know that I will be purchasing an #iStill.

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