New Product Introduction: iStill Mini!


We proudly present the iStill Mini! This latest addition to our portfolio is also the smallest iStill we ever designed and produced. In this Blog post we want to dive in deeper and tell you why we designed, how it works, and what it offers you.


The reason we designed the iStill Mini is simple: R&D. If you want to design a whiskey, a vodka, a rum, brandy or a new gin, yes, you could do that on the iStill 100, 500, 2000 or 5000 … but the associated risks both financially and time-wise are then quite substantial. If you make a mistake, if you are not completely happy with the outcome, it takes time and effort and money to repair it.

What about using a glass laboratory set-up? Could that not help with product development? Yes, it can, but there is always a scalability issue. Glass ware does not have the inner workings, the controls, the physical properties of an actual bigger sized production iStill.

But guess what? The iStill Mini does! The new iStill Mini is designed to help you with product development, while limiting both effort and financial investments. Since it is a relatively small unit, you can do 6 liter runs, thus minimizing the actual costs of doing product development runs. And because it is an iStill, you can then scale up your new recipe to one of our bigger production units. It basically replaces the need of a glass laboratory set-up, while making your product development more accurate as well as less expensive.


The iStill Mini offers the Craft Distiller:

  • An insulated square boiler;
  • With a gross capacity of 8 liters;
  • And a net capacity of 6 liters;
  • The boiler is heated via an REF 2 kW heating element;
  • That is controlled via a power manager with on/off switch and percentage power manager;
  • The boiler has an agitator system;
  • And the boiler can be fitted with our 40 mm diameter packed column;
  • Via manual reflux management the iStill Mini can make pot distilled product;
  • As well as 96% pure vodka or GNS;
  • The iStill Mini can also be fitted with the Mini Extractor;
  • For the productions of amazing extractions, essences and gins;
  • The system comes equipped with a column cooler and product cooler;
  • And has 3 thermometer probes that communicate to your smartphone via Bluetooth;
  • There is an app on your smartphone to help manage the iStill Mini;
  • The app can be downloaded for free;
  • The unit comes complete and can be assembled by one person in around 5 minutes;
  • Average run time 2 to 3 hours;
  • We now take orders and ship around the globe!


The iStill Mini comes at an introduction price of EUR 1.750,-. That’s with all of the above included. Yes, the mini Extractor too! Please note … introduction price. When the first 15 units are sold, we’ll go back to the normal price of EUR 2.250,-.

You can come over and pick one up … or we can crate and ship it to your location, where ever that may be. Crating and transport will add EUR 500,- to the invoice, if you are situated in Europe, Australia or North America. For the rest of the world we’ll supply specific quotations on packaging and transport.


If you want to order an iStill, please reach out to Or contact your regional iStill Wizard via


iStill Mini …


Reflux Management …


Product Cooler …


Mini Extractor …


The app …


P.S.: A big thanks to Willem and William for bringing the iStill Mini project to life! Great job, guys! Well done!



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