Special Project for Scotland!


So we got a special demand from Scotland, the cradle of single malt whisky. Customers of ours want to make single malt whisky and they want to do it as traditional as possible. Hey, it’s Scottish single malt whisky: a product that has been around since the 1400’s, right? So we were honored to get invited. Yet we (the customer as well as iStill) also felt that we needed to bring something amazing to the market place. Our interpretation of of “traditional”, so to say.


The first thing we wanted to find out, when we got the above request to help design a modern take on a more traditional whisky still, was … what’s traditional? Well, the Scots were very clear about that. What they wanted was a potstill design instead of a column still design.

Instead of our normal iStill design of boiler, column, collection / robot plate and column cooler, they opted for this set-up:

  • Boiler (nothing new there);
  • Riser (instead of the column);
  • Lyne arm (to guide gases away from the boiler and the riser);
  • Product cooler.

Dynamic Cuts Management

If you know anything about who we are, about our DNA, you understand that we felt we needed to bring something amazing to the market. Our interpretation of the potstill with lyne arm. Something to compensate for the absence of a robot and the appurtenant reflux management.

And we are proud to announce that there’s a new iStill innovation to take traditional pot distilling into the 21st century. We call it Dynamic Cuts Management. This new iStill innovation helps even the more traditional pot oriented distillers at making perfect cuts.

Without robot? Without reflux? Yes and yes. Based on measurements the iStill takes every second, perfect insight is gained in the constitution of the product being made. And that info is then fed into the automated cuts array.

Basically, the only thing this lyne arm design special order iStill cannot do, is make vodka. But our Scottish customers aren’t interested in vodka. They are interested in Scottish single malt whisky only, in a slightly more traditional way.


  • 2,000 liter net capacity boiler;
  • 150 cm high riser;
  • Lyne arm;
  • Dual product cooler;
  • Dynamic Cuts Management (heads, hearts, tails);
  • Production rate: 100 liters per hour;
  • Touch screen, PLC, product library;
  • Power management and Automated Heads Compaction;
  • Remote control and management via phone or laptop are supported;
  • Over the air updates.

Follow-up & Roll-out

We are currently building this customer’s first special order iStill with lyne arm and Dynamic Cuts Management. I hope to put up pictures of the final result in about a week from now.

We’ll roll out Dynamic Cuts Management to all of our “normal”, column design iStills in a few weeks as well. As a new and free addition to all of our new iStills. And as a firmware retrofit to all existing 2018 model iStills out there as well.

How about this lyne armed potstill version of an iStill? Will we bring that to the market place as a separate product, next to our column designs? Well, I guess that depends on you. Please let us know what you think. If the new design helps our customers out, for sure we’ll make more of these …





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