Advanced Gin School USA: 2 Places Left!

Another update on the Advanced Gin School, guys! Where: Corgi Spirits in Jersey City. When: June 18th – 21st. Hotels and lunches and shuttle bus are included. But there is more: this is going to be the mother of all gin schools. We are going all in and it is going to be amazing and it is going to be exclusive! And here’s some important news: only two places left!

Only 8 participants are allowed to join at what will be the only Advanced Gin School we are doing in North America this year. The reason for exclusivity is that we want to have you meet all of your goals … and become the very best gin makers on the continent. Quite frankly, I haven’t been very impressed by what I tasted. We are going to change that. And in order to do so, we need to go all in, yes, but so do you. So if you are interested, if you want to participate, please send an email to Explain us your goals (so we can prepare) and tell us why you should be allowed in. We only have 8 places and we want to make it count. Our goal is to make sure that each and every trainee will make a difference on the North American gin market the moment he or she walks out the door.

To realize our end of the deal, we’ll fly in a team from the UK and the Netherlands, homes and birthplaces of gin and its dad, genever. A gin team as the world has never seen before: the best of the best.

We’ll bring Seb, our Guru of Taste. Seb has designed many of the best gins and genevers that are currently on the market. A taste professional non plus ultra.

Willem, who heads our European laboratories, will be there too, helping you translate your ideas into feasible and achievable science. Or probably the other way around: he’ll bombard us with new, weird (and hopefully survivable) science to take the gins we’ll produce to the next level. When you meet him, you’ll know why we nickname him Captain America.

Avian, who is an award winning gin producer from the UK, will join us as well. He’s the only one on our team with a beard, but rest assured: this dude knows his spirits! Mouth feel is one of his specialties, gin and tonic pairing is another.

Jason is an award winning bar tender that worked his craft in both Boston and many of the Caribbean islands. He’ll show us how gin cocktails are made. He’ll explain how they help intensify your customers’ experience, boosting your reputation as well as your bank account.

Bob, the owner of Corgi Spirits, our generous host, is certainly going to be around, showing us how he used our theories and models and science and technology to create 9 gins (so far). He’ll also show us how to run gins on a professional scale and how his tasting room helps him sell more boze.

And last (and hopefully not least) I’ll be there, talking about the Holy Trinity of Distillation and how familiarizing yourself with this amazing model helps you create amazing spirits. Of course I’ll focus and tailor my models and presentations towards gin. I’ll be there all 4 days to explain, train, judge and help you move forward. I will also take some off-continent gins with me for you to taste and judge.

We’ll have test stills available as well as extractors. We aim to have at least 4 gin stills and 4 extractors, so that teams that cooperate in making a gin are 1 or 2 big. With every team having access to one personal trainer each and every hour of the day. And don’t worry, we’ll rotate!

I expect us to do a lot of theory behind gin and distilling on the first day, based on your background and your goals and plans and (current) distillery set-up. Day 2, 3, and 4 will be hands-on to the max, where we expect you (and help you) to make at least two gin runs a day.

Costs? Well, given the above, I’d advice you to look at it as an investment. An investment in and  a ticket to becoming one of America’s very best gin makers. Here it is at only USD 5,950,-.

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