Continuous Stills that know how to Cut?

Here’s another sorta “I had a dream” kinda iStill Blog post. The previous one was about magic potions … this one is about magic machines. For my thoughts on how magic potions could help the industry out, please read the following post:

The question at hand in this iStill Blog post? Here it is: “Don’t Craft Distillers need a magic distilling machine?” I mean, there already are some magic iStills out there, that can strip and finish in one go, and that can make neutral as well as taste rich spirits. But what about continuous distillation? It has been around for over a century and a half … isn’t it time we could magically integrate the efficiency and bulk processing performance of continuous distilling with cut management and ABV management of modern days pot and column stills?

What good such a magical device might do, one might ask? Well, let me give you an example or two:

  1. Such a magical machine would help bigger Bourbon distillers, that run continuous stills, at making more flavorful new make spirit. Imagine them running stills with much more effective Heads and Tails control … now that would help them create better late Heads and early Tails smearing for a more three dimensional end product!
  2. The same holds through for rum.
  3. And both whiskey and rum distillers could or should – by using the magic machine – be able to make spirits at different ABV’s. Higher proof for more purity, and lower proof for taste maximization. Heck, the magical distilling device I see we need, could go as pure as vodka or do single pass, fully cut, barrel aging strength whiskey and rum in one go …

What do you think? Does the Craft Distilling Industry need such a machine? In order to take the battle to big alcohol not just on taste, but on economies of scale as well? What say you?


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