Neutralizing Taste and Recovering Feints …

This is the first iStill Blog post of a series. A series that could (or maybe should) be called “What if … ?” It’s a serie of posts about me dreaming of a bright new future for Craft Distilling, with all new technology to help them out.

Today’s dream? Here it is: “How easy would the life of the distiller be if he had a magic formula for taste neutralization and feints recovery?”

An Asterix & Obelix kind of magic potion … how could that help? Well, let me give you a few examples:

  1. Say you are a whisky or rum distillery and you produce Heads, and Hearts, and Tails. Okay, the Hearts you put in a barrel or bottle, but wouldn’t you love to reuse those Heads and Tails? Wouldn’t you want to be able – by adding the magic potion – to actually neutralize off flavors and recover basically all as good ethanol?
  2. Now, imagine the faith of a gin distiller. He (or she) in general cannot recover all the alcohol that goes into the boiler. So he has to make a Tails cut and either redistill those Tails into a clean and crisp neutral via rectification … or he has to toss it, loosing out on yield and money paid. What if he could instead add that magic potion to his gin Tails … and recover neutral GNS without rectifying or fractionating?
  3. A vodka distillery that aims for a neutral vodka needs to filter his 190 proof Hearts over activated carbon. What if we could just add a magic potion to his runs in order to bring his product to neutrality while distilling?

I think all three above examples prove that Craft Distilling could definitely use some kind of magic formula to achieve the above. Do you agree or not? Should we find our own Craft Distilled Panoramix and ask for him to come up with a concoction? Let me know what you think …


One thought on “Neutralizing Taste and Recovering Feints …

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