Why the Horse left the Jacuzzi …

A few days ago I had the privilege to visit the Jacuzzi Estate in Napa Valley. The Jacuzzi family, originally from Italy, are very successful inventors, engineers and business men. In the 1920’s they designed a revolutionary airplane. Yes, of course, they also invented the jacuzzi. Near Napa they have an estate where they make wine and olive oil. I want to talk olive oil with y’all today.


Here is a picture of the amazing olive oils the Jacuzzi family produces:


And here is a picture of how olive oil used to be bottled:


Here is a picture of their very first olive oil press:


And here is how their production facility for olive oil looks today:


The point that I want to make, is that you can be innovative, well-engineered and successful without losing track of your heritage. Heritage may help sales, but for sure it isn’t helping production. The Jacuzzi family knows this. And that’s why the horse left the jacuzzi.

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