Innovation: Vapor Speed Optimization!


Control over vapor speed is essential to achieve perfect taste concentration and separation,  while distilling. Vapor Speed Optimization, the latest innovation we are working on, takes things a big step further. Based on real-time air pressure measurements, the iStill will not only checks the actual ethanol boiling point, and compensates cuts for changes in air pressure, but it will very soon also automatically compensate for air resistance.


If you live – for example – near the sea, then air pressure has a tendency to change quickly. Higher air pressure creates higher air resistance, and higher air resistance results in (slightly) lower vapor speeds.

Or imagine your distillery is at an elevated location, say in the mountains, 2000 meters above sea level. Now you are faced with much lower air pressure, resulting in higher vapor speeds, due to lower air resistance.

Approach and Status

Based on a newly designed and PLC-integrated air pressure measurement device, our teams are currently developing the software to make your iStill check air pressure every minute … and – when changes are detected– adapt the needed energy input automatically and within one second. This new iStill innovation will be launched in the second half of 2018.

Always reach your goal with iStill Vapor Speed Optimization …


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