Utah and Napa, here we come!

Hi there!

A quick update from Amsterdam, where we are preparing the coming 4-day Certified iStill Workshops. Coming Saturday I’ll fly over to Salt Lake City to give a distilling course to 15 craft distillers from all over North America. And two weeks after coming back, we have two Amsterdam 4-day workshops, one after the other. Busy times at the iStill University!

Next course in the USA is in March. In Napa Valley … and at the Napa Valley Distillery. Great location given all the wineries around as well as all the excitement related to craft distilling. The Napa Valley Workshop will be from March 19th to 22nd. If you want more information, please reach out to jason@istillmail.com or veronika@istillmail.com. Jason for info, Veronika for registration.

More courses in the near future? Yeah, I expect us to do a training in Australia in a few months from now!

Regards, Odin.

iStill University Certified Workshops are rated 9.7 out of 10 and considered the best craft distilling educations in the world …



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