The Best Distilling Workshops of the World!


Bold statement? Sure. Then again, it’s our trainees that say so. And the on average 9.7 out of 10 evaluation they give us confirms it: the iStill Workshops ARE the best distilling workshops available!

The feedback we get, is that the courses provide a really nice mix between theory and experience. Odin’s theories of distillation and fermentation are perceived as very informative. They lay down a easy to follow path by which the participants can start to design their own (award winning) spirits. Working with the iStills, and see how these automated and robotized distilling machines help put the theories into easy practice, is also conceived as a big eye opener.

Madison Introduction Workshop

Last December, we had a great 1.5 day introduction workshop in Madison, WI. Our generous hosts, Dave, Nick, Stephanie, and Amy, from the Two Tall Distillery helped us organize an event for 14 participants, primarily from the Chicago and Detroit areas.

We dived into distilling, fermenting, and extracting. We made gin on the iStill 500. We made and barreled and tasted Two Tall’s amazing rye whiskey. And we made apple liqueur with the iStill 100 in combination with our revolutionary Extractor column. The trainees also did extractions and distillation runs in four different groups. If I remember correctly, the all spice that we made on-site won!

Do you want to see pictures of the even? Please click on this link:

Amsterdam 4-day Certified in February 2018

In February 2018, in Amsterdam (the Netherlands), we organize two classes. The first one is fully booked. The second one, from February 19th till February 22nd still has one or two places left. If you want to register, now is the time to do so!

For more information, please reach out via

Napa Valley 4-day Certified Workshop in March 2018

From March 19th until March 22nd Napa Valley Distillery hosts a USA West Coast 4-day Certified iStill Workshop. The training, aimed at both beginning and experienced distillers, is now open for registration!

For more info, please see:

Or reach out to Veronika directly via

Madison by morning …


Napa Valley Distillery …



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