iStill Innovation: Bulletproof Insulation!

The iStills were the first insulated stills available on the market place. Insulation is an innovation that helps shorten run times, saves energy, and creates higher, more controlled spirit production levels. Good insulation can easily improve your overal system performance by 15 to 20%.

Up until today however, insulation has had a draw-back. It was quite touchy and easy to damage. “Up until today”, because here’s another iStill innovation: Bulletproof Insulation.

From now on, all new iStills will be fitted with this new innovation. The insulation value is just as good (even slightly better) than our existing insulation, but it is stronger. So strong you can’t cut it with a knife.

It will come in two varieties:

  • Bulletproof Insulation, that will be used on new iStills;
  • Bulletproof Retrofit Cover, that can be added to strengthen existing iStill insulation.

More on retrofit pricing later. Here’s a movie that shows the amazing results we achieve with this great new innovation …

And here is a picture of it being applied to an iStill 500 NextGen …


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