Innovation Update!


For more insight into the innovations we are currently working on, please see:

As for now … here’s an update on how progress is coming along on some of them!

New iStill Robot and enhanced PLC functionality

As mentioned before, the new robot is fully tested. All units ordered from now onwards will be equipped with it. People that want to upgrade their existing iStills to the new robot can do so for EUR 2.000,-.

The new robot is faster (times 5) and more accurate (times 2). There is more, however. The new robot allows us to start designing PreCog Software (PCS), where the iStill anticipates and pro-actively manages your spirits production. We expect to release the new software later in 2018.

But we did so much more than “just” design a new robot! We also beefed up the PLC. It is now equipped with the latest chip technology, housing an internal temperature probe as well as an electronic pressure gauge!

The window of applications is huge. Here is one. Automatic calculation of air pressure means that we can have the iStills now make automated calculations of actual ethanol boiling points without the need of column stabilization. Let me rephrase that: no more need of stabilizations …

The new iStill Robot …


iStill WiFi Transmitter

All iStills NextGen can be connected to the internet. Up until now, we use a dedicated line for that, that physically connects your iStill to  your router.

We have just build our first iStill with its own internal WiFi Transmitter. Over the air connectivity is the goal. We will be testing it on a unit in the iStill University for the coming few months and if it is indeed easier to work with, we’ll start adding it to our units.

The new iStill WiFi Transmitter …


New iStill Website

Christiaan is working on our new website. The goals are to make it faster, mobile, scalable and more of a customer experience with photorealistic images of iStills and stories our customers want to share.

The board just signed of on the beta version. Our iStill Wizards are currently testing our new online environment. We expect to go live in one or two weeks from now. Very exciting stuff!

Chris working on the new website …


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