New Certified iStill Workshops!


We train around 200 Craft Distillers per year in the noble art of advanced distilling. We teach our students how distillation actually works and train them in making above top shelf product. Whiskey, vodka, gin and more.

Our workshops, rated by the participants by 9.7 out of 10, are considered the best in the distilling industry. We are very proud of that, since educating others is at the heart of what iStill stands for. We don’t just sell amazing stills, we also train and help with product development and actual run procedures. iStill delivers the whole package, to help you kick-start your distillery.


Well, since lots of distillers (and will be distillers) register, we have to update our curriculum every few months. Our Amsterdam workshops of November 2017 and February 2018 are already overbooked for instance.

So, let’s use this iStill Blog post to inform you about our workshops, and when and where we still have places available …

When and where?

  • For North American Craft Distillers, there is a Certified iStill Workshop in Eden, Utah, in January. There are still a few places available!
  • For European Craft Distillers: we added a new workshop in February near Amsterdam.


Here’s some feedback from Scott, who followed the Utah workshop earlier this year:

On a scale of 1 (bad) to 10 (excellent), how would you rate the workshop?


What was good?

Great information and Odin is a good presenter. Ashley and Chris were excellent hosts.

What should we do different / better?

I really can’t think of anything.  It really was too bad the the optional iStill uncrating and assembly could not be part of the standard class but that probably isn’t very realistic space and time wise*.  It was also nice to see the new gen UI while Odin was working with the unit.

*) Assembly of the iStill is now a permanent part of each certified workshop, Scott – Odin.

Anything else that you want to share?

I originally thought this was going to be a live version of Odin’s YouTube channel but it really was more than that.   I feel there were pieces that I was missing that were filled in from hearing Odin explain them in person. It was also nice to see the theories all together and see them in use.

Do you want to join as well?

Please see: and reach out to us!

Regards, Odin.


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