Utah Certified Distilling Workshop

Two weeks ago we had an amazing Certified Distilling Workshop in Eden, Utah. With 13 participants, and presentations by Anton Paar on measuring, Scott on distillery architecture, Odin on distilling and fermenting, Chris and Ashley on setting up a distillery, Choco on marketing, and Jason on cocktails, the workshop was a great success. Here is an impression in pictures!

Also … we plan a new USA workshop on January 21st, 22nd, and 23rd of 2018. In Eden, Utah, pretty close to Salt Lake City. Interested? You should be! There are still a few places left, so if you want to register (or just learn more) … please reach out to ashley@newworlddistillery.com.

Odin on fermenting and distilling …


Bruce on mashing and beer making …


Assemble your still …


Choco on marketing …


Mixologist Jason presents one of his cocktails …



One thought on “Utah Certified Distilling Workshop

  1. I just want to say i attended the spring course in Utah and i found it to be illuminating! Even if you dont buy an istill, he information that Odin gives you are a result of his long years of personal distillation experience. This course gave me an excellent understanding of how to create and extract the flavor profiles you are looking for in whatever product you are making. Whether that be a good bourbon intended to go into barrels, a well balanced gin, a geat vodka or any other spirit that may tickle your fancy. One of my classmates said he had been to several courses like this and Odin’s was by far the best! Long story short, anyone who has an interest in commercial distillation should absolutey take this course. The lessons I learned gave me a huge head start for when we open our rum distillery this year. (We will personally be buying an istill!)

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