iStill London Craft Distilling Expo 2017!


We are proud to announce that we will again be the PLATINUM sponsor to the London Craft Distilling Expo 2017! It is a great show, and if you are interested in distilling, it is a must go to. In this iStill Blog post we want to dive in deeper: the program, what we’ll take with us, and the special offer we have for you.


There are a few distillery visits programmed for October 3rd. The actual Expo, in the boiler house, Brick Lane Road, East London, is on October 4th and 5th. Finally, on October 6th, there will be a gin class with David T. Smith, at the East London Distillery.

All right, how about the program in the Boiler House on October 4 and 5? Here we go for October 4th:

  • Whisky blending;
  • Vodka making;
  • Gin notes;
  • Nano distilleries;
  • How to start a distillery (panel discussion with Odin);
  • Beer & Burger Night for iStill Aficionados.

The panel discussion with Odin will be from 17h00 to 17h45. After that, all iStillers are invited for (another?) drink at the iStill stand. If you haven’t found us already, on which we are sure you will.

Beer & Burgers will be just across the street. It will start at 19h00 and take … well … as long as it takes. The goal is to meet & mingle. To eat, drink, and have loads of fun together!

October 5th looks like this:

  • Rum;
  • Import and export;
  • Marketing;
  • Future Technology of Distillation by Odin;
  • The American Spirits Exchange.

Odin gives his speech on future distilling tech at 13h30. In 25 minutes he will dive into future technologies iStill is currently developing. Some pretty mind-bowing stuff, so make sure you get in on time!

iStill Staff

William (assembly), Veronika (finance), and Odin (the muppet that made this mess) will be manning the stand. They will be supported by the multiple award winning distilling teams of The Wrecking Coast Distillery and Listoke Distillery. And – as is the tradition – for sure more distillers will show up and share their drinks. I expect Tom to show up with his rum … and others will join us with Tequila, whisky, and gin and vodka for sure!

Jason Cawthron 

Award winning bar tender, mixologist, and distiller Jason Cawthron is part of the iStill Team. He helps represent us on the North American market. Jason will join us in London and shake-up some cocktails! But, knowing Jason, he’ll do more. If you bring your own drink, he’ll probably advice you how you can make a signature cocktail out of it. And we all know that cocktails sell …

iStill Stand

We will bring a lot of fun equipment with us! Some barrels and stills. For sure, there will be an iStill 500 NextGen in combination with the all new, movable 110 liter Extractor. For more pics of that set-up, please see tomorrow’s iStill Blog post.

iStill Offer

Here’s why you should visit us at the London Craft Distilling Expo 2017:

  • It’s an awesome event with great speeches and classes;
  • Odin will speak about future technology for craft distillers;
  • iStill’s stand is manned by customers that bring (and pour!) their own drinks;
  • Jason will be there, making cocktails;
  • On the evening of October 4th, iStill hosts the yearly Beer & Burgers event;
  • The iStill 500 NextGen is on display, and so is (a world premiere!) the new 110 liter Extractor;
  • If you visit our stand, take a picture, and post it on Facebook, with a reference to iStill, you will get a EUR 250,- discount on iStill equipment or spirits design (like your special signature cocktail by Jason Cawthron)!

And there is more. The iStill 110 liter Extractor is up for sale! It costs EUR 6.000,-, but the special London Expo offer is EUR 5.000,-. If you want to take advantage of this London special offer, please let us know!

iStill London Craft Distilling Expo …

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