iStill University Network!


Meet Veronika. This network thing is all her doing. Who she is? Veronika is iStill’s CFO. The one person in our company you really don’t want to start a fight with. Believe me, I know.

So what’s the deal? Well, I think she came up with a brilliant idea. An idea called “iStill University Network”!

iStill University Network

The iStill University Network offers a closed Facebook group for students  that participated at the iStill University. The goal is to offer the participants a way to reach out to each other as well as to establish a platform to follow up and help one another.

One of the huge benefits of visiting the iStill University – apart from learning a great deal about distilling – is the contacts, even friendships, that develop during the workshop. The curriculum is quite intense, both on distilling theory and practice, but also on the more informal parts: drinks tastings, beers, dinners, and a visit to a Dutch windmill all allow for the students to meet and mingle.

The iStill University Network aims to promote further peer networking amongst our students. It helps them learn more together and at an even faster pace, taking advantage of the experiences of others, that are maybe further down the road of opening up a Craft Distillery or designing that special rum, gin, or whiskey.

It is a closed group. Only students and teachers are allowed in. The reason for this is that we strongly feel that, in order to exchange ideas, a safe environment is key. People that know each other, that have been through the same educational environment and experience have a shared ground to explore. They have become part of the iStill Family and understand not only how distilling works and how iStills work, but they have also been introduced to the values that lay at our very core.


If you participated in one of our workshops, and if you want to become part of the iStill University Network, please reach out to

Meet Veronika …


Closed Facebook group …


iStill University Network …



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