News on the iStill 100 NextGen!


The iStill 100 NextGen has been a huge success. And since the iStill Team firmly believes that you should always change a winning team … here’s the new iStill 100 NextGen!

What’s the same

The boiler and the insulation stay the same. So does the cleaning in place system (CIP).

What has changed

The iStill 100 NextGen now has:

  • New PLC and new programming, now the same as the i500, i2000, and i5000;
  • Including an Extractor program;
  • Internet connectivity;
  • New robot, again the same as the i500, i2000, and i5000 already had;
  • Automated Cuts Selector for Heads, Hearts, and Tails;
  • A bigger, stronger, and longer heating element at 7.5 kW and 400 volts;
  • An additional thermometer probe in the column;
  • The improved iStill Collection Head with blind plate for robot assembly;
  • A bigger column cooler that allows the unit to run at higher power settings;
  • Oversized iStill 500 after cooler to bring produced spirits back to room temp.

The unit is now a perfect little copy of its bigger siblings!

Production and Orders

We have stopped producing the outgoing model. We are starting up production of the new units next week. Orders can be placed from now onwards. Please be aware that the online iStill Design Center still shows the old unit. We hope to amend that before the end of September.


The price of the iStill 100 NextGen is now EUR 15.000,-.


Building up the new iStill 100 NextGen in the iStill University …


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