New Students at the iStill University!


We just finished up a new 4-day iStill University Workshop! Under the inspired guidance of Drs. Edwin (Odin) van Eijk, 12 new students got trained in advanced distilling techniques.


The students came from Belgium, Estonia, Ireland, the UK, South Africa, and the Netherlands. Their schedule looked like this:


  • Introduction and Goals
  • Odin’s Theory of Distillation
  • A stripping run with the iStill 500
  • Visit to the “Arkenduif Mill”: an old Dutch wind powered grain mill
  • Dinner and beers at Craft Brewery “De Molen”


  • Odin’s Theory of Fermentation
  • A vodka run with the iStill 500
  • How to make vodka and gin
  • The students distill their own gin


  • Extractor Theory and Technology
  • An extraction run with the iStill 100/Extractor
  • Product development run: extracting strawberries
  • Aging, accelerated aging, and barrel aging
  • How to make extraordinary rum and whiskey


  • How to assemble your iStill when it arrives
  • How to dial in the right program for your run and product


The students …


Doing distillation runs together …

Teaching the Theory …

Visiting a Dutch windmill and having dinner and beers …


The iStill University gives courses around the world. The workshops are hailed for the innovative theories they share as well as for the very practical and easy-to-use applications. Whomever follows the workshops will learn how to make better drinks with ease. Students adorn the 4-day Certified iStill Workshop with a 9.7 on a scale till 10.

The next course will be in Utah, at the New World Distillery. It is already fully booked. Coming November another 4-day Certified Worksop will be organized in Amsterdam. Mid December two shorter introduction courses are given in Madison, WI, USA.





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