New 550 liter iStill Extractor!


We proudly present the new 550 liter iStill Extractor! This unit is not integrated into the column, like with the smaller versions, but stand alone. The advantages are:

  • It’s movable
  • You keep the magnificent performance of the “standard” column
  • In performance of liters output per hour
  • And you can dial in different alcohol purity levels via the robot
  • No more need to swap columns
  • The patented flush square iStill design
  • And doesn’t it look great!?!


  • Flavor extraction
  • Of herbs, berries, flowers, and fruits
  • Essence creation
  • Of herbs, berries, flowers, and fruits
  • Gin production
  • Absinth production
  • Carbon filtration of vodka and GNS
  • Mashing and beer brewing
  • And so much more …


iStill 2000 NextGen with new 550 liter Extractor …


Made with passion and attention to detail …



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