iStill University!


Here, at the iStill Center in Amsterdam, and at a select number of partner distilleries worldwide, we educate around 200 craft distillers in the noble arts of advanced distilling.

Our certified 4-day workshop covers mashing, fermenting, distilling and aging, and combines theory with practice. We mash, ferment, distill, and age a vodka, gin, rum or tequila, or sometimes a whiskey. And we carefully explain how you can use our theories and designs to make amazing, award winning spirits. We do that in such a way that you can apply what you learned with ease and confidence.

The courses are appreciated so much that the students rate them at a 9.7 out of 10. That makes iStill not just one of the biggest educational facilities for the distilling industry, it makes it the best one by far. Not just for iStill customers in special, but for distillers and wannabe distillers in general.

The all new iStill University

Teaching comes with huge responsibilities. Being the best creates expectancies. Since research, knowledge, and the dispersion of that knowledge throughout the distilling industry are at the core of what iStill stands for, we have decided to invest in a new educational facility: the iStill University.

The iStill University offers 300 m2 (2,700 sf) of floor space to our students. It houses an iStill 2000 Nextgen that is fully equipped for mashing, fermenting, manual & robotized distilling, extracting and fast aging. The unit can be used to make any drink you can think of. From rum to gin, from whiskey to vodka. And it will be paired with the newly designed and amazing 550 liter Extractor.

Also available is an iStill 500 NextGen. Tailored as the iStill 2000, but without an Extractor. Next to it sits an iStill 100 NextGen. Also fully automated and in this case with the (smaller) Extractor column for product development.

The iStill University is also equipped with a full scale laboratory. Not only will we use the laboratory to design new drinks for our customers. The laboratory will also be used during our workshops by our students, when we teach them how to make gin, spiced rum, and how to use the Extractors to achieve exceptional taste profiles.

The ground floor level measures 200 m2 (1,800 sf). This is where we have the iStills and the laboratory and a selection of barrels for wood aging experiments.

The first floor looks out over the ground floor level. It offers another 100 m2 (900 sf) where we dive into the theoretical parts of mashing, fermenting, and distilling and aging. It houses tables, chairs, a tv, a flip over, a lazy couch … and a well stocked bar!

Since we believe personal attention is essential to maximize learning, our workshops and trainings take place in small groups. Ten to 12 students and no less than two instructors.

Educational Program 2017

Our early September Certified 4-day Training is already fully booked. And so is the late September Certified that takes place at the New World Distillery in Utah.

The November Course in Amsterdam is still open for registration. For more information and registration, please go to

We are organizing something new as well: iStill Introduction Days. The first two of these introduction days take place in Madison, Wisconsin, mid December. At the Two Tall Guys Distillery.

The first day is all about the iStill 500 NextGen. How it is designed, how it works, how the craft distiller can benefit from its design and automation and robotization, and how you can make drinks with it. We’ll make a gin during that day, and drink it later on in the bar. You are invited!

The second day we’ll focus on iStill’s new Extractor Technology. How does it work? How does it help the craft distiller in making even more amazing drinks? We’ll make an extract and turn it into an essence or liqueur or something. Not sure yet what we’ll make exactly, but it will be fun (definately) and tasty (probably). I personally think that the second day isn’t just great info for craft distillers. High-end restaurants may also be interested in order to make signature extractions and cocktails. Or for Chefs that want to use the iStill Extraction Technology in their kitchen.

You decide if you want to go to one day or to both. The costs are very low and drinks and lunch are included. Do you want to learn more? Please reach out to Or visit the iStill website and look under “University”.

Anything else, Odin?

Yes! More pictures of the new iStill University will be released in a week from now. I’d like the new 550 liter Extractor to be in there, as well as some pics of the course actually taking place, with students and all.

And we are currently working on the educational program for 2018. At least five 4-day certified courses in Amsterdam and two in Utah. And more introduction days for sure. All around the globe, but in Madison first!

Ground floor level …


Laboratory …


iStill 100 NextGen with Extractor Column …


First floor for theory …


And tasting …


Nostalgic: our first little iStill 50 …




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