New Innovation: iStill Booster!


Yeah, it’s almost summer holidays, I know, but the innovative juices just don’t stop flowing! So here’s another new iStill innovation: the iStill Booster.

How it looks?

Like the Extractor Column, basically!

How it works?

The Booster is filled with liquids. Water, feints, wash, whatever. Gases rise from the boiler and enter the iStill Booster under liquid level. That way the gases get redistilled, giving you an additional distillation cycle in one go.

The liquid levels in the iStill Booster can be monitored and managed. This allows the craft distiller to actively influence how much separation (of Heads, Hearts and Tails) and concentration (of the alcohol percentage) he gets. A bigger (fixed) liquid bath for more separation and concentration. A smaller liquid bath for less separation and concentration.

Technical description

Technically the iStill Booster is a computer managed variable in-line thumper system.


The iStill Booster allows you to make (very) taste rich products in one go. Whiskey, rum, and brandy. If you fill the thumper with fresh wash, you basically get a 1.5 distillation approach in one go.

The fixed liquid bath in the iStill Booster slows down vapor speeds. As does the wider column design. As a result, the Booster Column also acts as a very effective Tails Trap. Because of its ingenious design, Tails smearing is both reduced and postponed. Fruit brandy and Bourbon production benefit especially, because of their front of mouth taste orientation.

Project status

We expect the first commercial units to be ready for shipping in a few weeks.

Order status

Orders for the iStill Booster can be placed from this moment onwards. If you are interested, please send an email to


For early adapters, we have a very competitive introduction price. For those ordering and paying in July, August or September 2017:

  • iStill 100 Booster Column (25 liter): EUR 4.000,-;
  • iStill 500 Booster Column (120 liter): EUR 6.000,-;
  • iStill 2000/5000 Booster Column (450 liter): EUR 8.000,-.

Boost your performance …




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