Revolutionizing Craft Distilling Once More!

Introduction: the iStill Extractor!

“Extractor? Odin, you mean the iStill Kompressor, right? Or is your team working on yet another innovation?” Yes! In fact, the iStill Team is working on a whole new column design! Another iStill innovation, and a huge one. The Kompressor is a great innovation, but this one is bigger. Let me tell you more …

Goals and Benefits and Applications

The name gives it away, doesn’t it? The new Extractor column, that we are currently working on, aims to help you extract taste oils perfectly from whatever source (herbs, berries, fruit, heck, even grains and wood!) you put into that Extractor column.

“Herbs, berries, fruit in the column? Sounds like you are shifting to vapor infusion, Odin?” No, I am not! Rest assured. Liquid infusion is king and the amazing thing about the iStill Extractor column is that it extracts via liquid infusion. Liquid infusion in a column!?! Isn’t that the world upside-down? Hell, yeah it is! But I told you it’s an innovation, right? Expect magic, no less.

So, what may be the advantages over the “traditional” boiler infused iStill approach? Well, with boiler infusion, extraction time is basically as long as the run. Or longer if you pre-steep botanicals. With the new Extractor column, you can do shorter infusions at colder temperatures. Colder temperatures may give higher total gin run yields. Shorter infusion times allow you to create lighter style drinks via scientific control rather than gut feeling.

Applications? It will help you make gin or spiced rum with more control over extraction times. Or you can use the Extractor column to make absinth without the hassle of cleaning out the boiler. Or extracts and concentrates can be made individually at higher extraction levels for later dilution and compounding applications.

Or you can use the new column design to develop any kind of infused vodka, or lemoncello, orancello, or rubarbcello. So-called “Geist” can now also be made in a very easy way. Geists are traditional German recipes, where alcohol is used to extract tastes from low sugar content fruits, like raspberry, strawberry or blackberry. Or you can use the new column for hemp oil extraction. For medicinal marihuana oils extraction or for hemp brandy.

Bottom line? With the new column you can extract amazing flavor profiles in a matter of hours!


So this new column gives you total control over essential oils extraction. But it does more. When extraction is done (an extraction cycle takes around one hour and you can choose one, two or three), you can either collect the extract … or switch from extracting to distilling and turn your extract into gin, absinth, geist, flavored vodka or whatever. Hemp oil for instance. Just saying. Its a growing industry. And not just in Amsterdam! 😉

Software-wise, the extraction run will be an addition to the existing automated and robotized distillation programs. If you select the extraction program, the iStill will know that you replaced the normal, packed column segment with the Extractor column segment. You can now dial in heat-up and run power and the time you want to cycle the ingredients of  your choice to maximize (or minimize) extraction.


Sure! It’s basically just a (very) different column segment. If you have an iStill 100, 500 or 2000, you just replace that original packed column segment with the iStill Extractor column segment, that’s all.

Project status

We have  finalized the beta design and the Team has build a smaller 5 liter unit that we are currently testing. First results are very, very impressive. We are starting to manufacture  the first Extractor column to fit on an iStill 100 NextGen for further testing in the coming weeks. We expect to finalize design and start-up production of i100, i500, and i2000 Extractor columns later this year!

No, the Extractor column won’t look like this …


But this for sure is the amazing strawberry liqueur we made with the iStill Extractor …



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