Pre-announcement: iStill Kompressor!


iStill is the biggest innovation to hit the distilling industry since a century and a half. Automation & Robotization, insulation, advanced column packing, liquid management, batch production, decimation of up-front investment and running costs … and so on, and so forth.

Time to lay back and take it easy? No way! Innovation is our way of life. The blood that flows through our veins. So, we always work on innovations. On the iStill Kompressor for example. What it is? Let me reveil some more …

Project goals

These are the goals we want to achieve with the iStill Kompressor:

  • Boosting column performance by 20 to 30%;
  • Supporting and improving 1, 1.5, and 2 distillation taste rich and pure distillation efficiency;
  • Automated Tails Control (ATC).


The iStill Kompressor combines two functions. First, it provides the column with a higher ABV alcohol, improving overall performance. Secondly, it provides an optional tails trap, via Automated Tails Control (ATC). The tails, collected during the later part of the run, can be separated out of the system. The system is programmed to do so automatically, if you choose to do so. You can dial in at what temperature and with what frequency you want the system to discard of tails.


The iStill Kompressor supports a one distillation approach on any product, pure or taste rich. As such, it saves you time and energy.

When you activate the Automated Tails Control (ATC) via the touch screen computer, the iStill Kompressor allows you to minimize and/or postpone early tails smearing. As such, ATC especially helps at making younger or fruitier spirit styles easier and faster. Front to middle of mouth oriented spirits, like white whiskey, Bourbon, and fruit brandy.


The iStill Kompressor fits between the boiler and the column of any iStill NextGen. It can also be retrofitted on existing units.

What’s in a name …

The iStill Kompressor compresses run times and – if you activate ATC – tails. Hence the name. But it is a working title, so we may still change that. Another name I’d like to throw at you is iStill Extractor. Not for this innovation, but for another one. Please, keep on following the iStill Blog if you want to find out more in the future. Or about the future! 😉


Calculations on the theoretical basis have been done and accepted. First design of the iStill Kompressor has been made and accepted. The first test unit (Beta Version) is currently being build. Wet tests will take place after the summer. Market introduction is scheduled for January 2018. So … we will keep you posted!

No, it really won’t look like this at all …






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