iStill Recipe Library!


Version 5.5 of the firmware is ready! What it brings you? The iStill Recipe Library! What that is? It is an addition to the existing v4.4, that allows you to dial in recipes … and save them for later use. And there is more.

Saving & Loading

If you have designed a recipe – say for your Bourbon – and you are happy with it, you can now go to settings and save that recipe, give it a name, and store it for future use.

Say – for example – that you did a vodka run next and you now want to prepare for another Bourbon distillation … all you do, is go to manual or robot distilling, and select your previously defined and saved Bourbon recipe. Select it, press start, and of you go. Easy does it.

Sort & Number

You can design, save and upload recipes for:

  • Mashing;
  • Fermenting;
  • Manual distilling;
  • Robot distilling.

Each category can hold up to 50 recipes. How’s that for versatility?

The things you can dial in – per recipe – are (among others):

  • Heat-up and run power;
  • Fores, heads, hearts, and tails cuts;
  • Robot settings for purity;
  • Agitator settings;
  • Start and end dates and times;
  • Fermentation and mashing temperatures;
  • And so much more …

iStill Standard Recipes

Based on our experience with recipe development, and on the feedback we get from you, we predesigned recipes for mashing, fermenting, manual, and robot distilling. Like this:

  • Standard Mashing Procedures:
    • Bourbon;
    • Single Malt Whisky.
  • Standard Fermenting Procedures:
    • Whisk(e)y;
    • Bourbon;
    • Rum;
    • Brandy;
    • Fruit Brandy;
    • Vodka (low esterification fermentation).
  • Standard Manual and Robot Distilling Recipes:
    • Stripping (generic);
    • Gin making;
    • Whisk(e)y;
    • Bourbon;
    • Rum;
    • Brandy;
    • Fruit Brandy;
    • Vodka (Pure Run).
  • Maintenance Procedures:
    • Vinegar Cleaning Run;
    • Sacrificial Alcohol Cleaning run.

The mashing and fermenting procedures are pretty much spot on. The distillation recipes of course depend on your specific preferences. You may want your Bourbon or rum or whatever a bit more fruity or nutty, or dial in for longer or shorter aging cycles. But – apart from that – these recipes can be seen as 100% ready to go as a good standard, and 95% ready, if you want to add a personal twist.

Beef-up your functionality

All iStills that now leave us will have this new functionality available. For those out there that want to upgrade their NextGens to have access to the iStill Recipe Library, please know that we are planning an update session for all of you in a month and a half from now. If you want to register for this free upgrade (part of the software and support fee!), please email to:

iStill Recipe Menu …


Excel Based Standard Recipes ready to be uploaded …


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