iStill 5000 ready for dispatch!

The first of a new batch of iStills 5000 NextGen is ready for dispatching! Where to? Both units will go to the USA. A few pictures underneath. But some specs first:

  • Capacity: 5000 liters / 1300 gallons net;
  • Power: 54 kW;
  • Products: can distill brandy, gin, rum, vodka, whiskey or any other specialty;
  • Production speed: at a speed of up to 125 liters per hour;
  • ABV output range: 40 – 96%;
  • Fully automated and robotized;
  • Remote control and management via the internet;
  • Versatility: can also be used for mashing or fermenting;
  • Warranty: up to 10 years!

William (a bit over 6 feet tall) in front of the iStill 5000 NextGen …


Jet Propulsion Agitator System, column, etc. …


Forklifting the iStill 5000 NextGen around the iStill Assembly Hall …


In the truck …


And of you go …


3 thoughts on “iStill 5000 ready for dispatch!

  1. Very exciting! Do these units have transformers on them. Or are the new owners going to adapt their electrical on-site to power the units? Would be good to know for preparing to go with bigger iStill units in the future 🙂

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