Graybeard Distillery in North Carolina, USA!

Today, we are visiting the Graybeard Distillery in Durham, North Carolina, and having a great time! Doing a strip run on some amazing rice wine. Another strip run is scheduled for tomorrow. The day after, we’ll do a fully robotized vodka run, to bring the 40% low wines to 190 proof.

Graybeard, by the way, is North Carolina’s biggest distillery. Apart from a sh*tload of fermenters, they have one iStill 2000 NextGen, fully operational, and an iStill 5000 NextGen that’s on its way.

Graybeard does it all: from grain to glass! And they do a great job, beating other (non-iStill) products out there into submission with their amazing Bedlam Vodka. For more reading, please see:

Pictures? Here we go:

Odin and the Graybeard Team talking about distilling …


Graybeard’s iStill 2000 NextGen (see the twist?) …


110 cases (1320 bottles) of Bedlam Vodka being delivered to a distributor …





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