What’s up, Odin?

The mss and me are preparing our journey to the USA. Coming Wednesday we’ll fly to Utah, to give a 3-day workshop on Advanced Distilling at the New World Distillery, already famous for their Tequila and Gin.

After the workshop is done, we will migrate to North Carolina, where we’ll help set-up a big vodka distillery. Big as in: they run our 2000 and 5000 liter iStills.

Meanwhile, in the iStill Factory, we are producing another batch of iStills 100 and 500. Another batch of 2000’s after that.

In our assembly hall, my staff is assembling two more iStills 5000. And I am currently testing two iStills 2000. Some test data? An iStill 2000 NextGen can take a 5% distillers beer to 60% in one go at a production rate of around 60 liters per hour!

What’s next? Well, next in line are test runs with the next two iStills 500 NextGen that are already fully assembled. And the iStills 5000 NextGen come after that!

Testing iStills 2000, prepping iStills 500, and assembling iStills 5000 …





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