Meanwhile, in the factory …

Here’s an update on what’s happening in the iStill Factory and Assembly Hall! In the Factory we are currently producing two more iStills 100 NextGen, three iStills 500 NextGen and two iStills 5000 NextGen.

The 5000’s, as you can see, are all ready for assembly. They’ll go to the Assembly Hall tomorrow. First, we still have got to ship out four iStills 500 NextGen to customers, to free up some space!

And while the iStills 5000 NextGen will be assembled, we’ll have another team test the two iStills 2000 NextGen that are almost ready to be shipped to two Scottish distilleries. Busy times!

Four iStills 500 NextGen ready for transport …


An iStill 5000 NextGen boiler ready to be assembled …


Two iStills 2000 NextGen ready to be tested …


Ehm, Odin, what the heck …


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