iStill Training in Utah!


The ground breaking distilling course by iStill’s founder, owner, and CEO Odin. Together with Craft Distillers Chris and Ashley Cross, who own the New World Distillery, you will be trained in the theory behind distilling and how you can apply it to make better tasting spirits.

Together, we’ll make agave spirits, vodka, and gin. We even have a visit to a local brewery planned. At the end of the course, you’ll have learned how to influence the taste profile of the spirits you want to make, you will have learned about cuts, and you will learn how mashing and fermenting can be tweaked in such a way that they support the flavor profile you are after.

Is it any good?

Well, the participants rate the training at a 9.8 out of 10. That probably makes it the best distillers training in the world. Just saying.

When and where?

The next iStill workshop, Distilling with Advanced Techniques and Technologies, will be held at New World Distillery in Eden, UT, from 1:00pm on Friday 5 May through 3:00pm on Sunday 7 May.

How much?

The cost is $1069, and includes lunch on Saturday and Sunday.

Sleep where?

If interested, we can provide you specific logistics information and lodging recommendations.  It will be fun in addition to formal training.

Register how?

For additional information or registration, please reach out to:

Here are a few pictures of the New World Distillery, to wetten the appetite:

Chris and Ashley …

BS 123016 New World Distillery 0204

New World Spirits …


New World Distillery’s Award Winning Gin …


And the actual award …


And here are a few feedback forms from attendants that followed our three day training before:

Feedback form 1 …


Feedback form 2 …


Feedback form 3 …


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