Feedback on our Workshops!

Do you want to know if our trainings are any good? Here are a few reviews of the iStill Workshops:


Hi Odin and the others, thanks for a wonderful workshop!!




I was participating in the white spirits course by istill. I must say that it was a very good course, Odin and Nick are very knowledgeable distillers, they run the course very smoothly sharing they secrets. I  recommend this course to anyone that is interested in learning more about distilling.  Moreover you can see some istills working. 

Thank you Odin 



Hello Odin,

We attended a recent course which we both thoroughly enjoyed. We Are now planning our next steps and were interested if you would be able to help us support our business planning activities.

Many Thanks,



Thank you for the information Odin,  Yes it was a pleasure to meet up again and a lovely night on Friday, not to mention the well worth attending course on Saturday.

Will be in touch again soon.




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