Customer Feedback!

Hi Odin

It was a real pleasure having you stay with us – even the dogs thought so, and they are very choosy!

On the work front, your input was invaluable. And that first run marked a key milestone for Verdant Gin. Still debating and deliberating over the tails cut; I think we might need a little more investigating with the next run. But the still is great and I’m so looking forward to working with it on many runs to come – and of course then there’s the rum to get going too! A replacement cable should be with us this afternoon so I’ll be hooking up the water cooker then.

Glad to see from FB that you made it up to Dornoch OK – I hope you enjoyed the drive. I here on the radio that storm Doris is due to hit us tomorrow which I hope doesn’t hit the north too much – from the sound of it, it’s more the west of England that will take the hit.

Thanks too for chasing up with Cezary regarding the pump – he’s next on my list to email.

I do hope we get the chance to catch up again soon – either in Scotland or across in Woeden. I hope you have a safe and pleasant trip back there on Friday and continue to be on the mend from your bout of pneumonia.

Best regards,



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