Dornoch Distillery!

Yesterday I arrived at Dornoch. A nice little city in the Scottish Highlands. Why? Well, Simon and Philip Thompson have opened a single malt whisky and gin distillery. And they choose iStill as their main equipment supplier. They run two iStills 2000 NextGen currently.

Today we worked on the gin quite a lot. It will be a very interesting gin, because the single malt grain base will serve as its alcohol source, instead of the more common GNS. Of course, tweaking the herbs bill to match the grain bill … that’s a very interesting one. I think we nailed it, though. Proof of the pudding? The gin will be ready to order in a few weeks from now. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Simon and Philip and order some. It may give the gin distillers amongst you some interesting ideas.

Tomorrow we’ll do a finishing run on the single malt whisky. Well, the new make spirit that will enter the barrels, that is. I suggested to take a “Distill 1.5 Approach”, so that’s what we will do, starting at 7h30 in the morning. Not a bad day to look forward too, right? And did I already mention that Dornoch Castle, where the distillery is situated, houses a great hotel as well as the best whisky bar in the world? If you have feelings of jealousy, that’s totally understood. Here are some pictures to rub it in!

Dornoch Castle …


Elected “Best Whisky Bar in the World” …


Wooden wash backs provide a cosy place for both yeast and good bacteria …


“Between boring copper a treasure can be found …”


And what’s a distillery without barrels …


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