New Workshops!


In January, February and March 2017 we organize new workshops. After careful consideration, we have changed the set-up a bit. We now offer three workshop. Each builds on the other:

  1. Introduction to Advanced Distilling;
  2. Distilling white spirits;
  3. Creating taste rich spirits.

The first workshop will introduce Odin’s revolutionary theory on distillation and how you can apply it to improve spirits production.

“Distilling white spirits” will focus on the distillation of while spirits such as vodka and gin. The products that are important to the craft distiller’s liquidity, so to say.

The third workshop, “Creating taste rich spirits” focuses on making top shelf rum and whiskey. Mashing, fermenting, and aging are added to the equation.

Each workshop will combine theory with practice. You’ll actually be distilling your own gin or rum or whiskey or vodka, both manually and via our automated systems.

How long?

If you take the individual workshops, please know that each one takes a full day. If you want to follow the integrated and certified education program, well, that pretty much consists of the three workshops combined, and takes three full days.


Yes, apart from the individual one day workshops, you can also apply to the certified advanced distilling program. It takes place on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It will cover the topics of all the individual workshops and add a test and certification and diploma to that. We also have a craft distiller present to help you answer questions around legal issues, marketing, business start-up, and how it is to actually run a craft distillery.


All workshops take place at the iStill Assembly Hall in Woerden, the Netherlands.

How many attendants?

No more than ten. With the two to three trainers around to help you out. We like our workshops intense and personal, so each and everyone of you achieves his or her personal goals.

How much?

Each individual workshop costs EUR 210,-. That’s ex VAT. Coffee, tea, and lunch are included.

The Certified Advanced Distilling Training takes three days and costs (including certification and diploma) EUR 995,- ex VAT. Again, coffee, tea and lunch are included. Hotels can be booked directly or with our help.


January 28th: Introduction to Advanced Distilling

February 11th: Distilling White Spirits (like vodka and gin)

February 25th: Creating Taste Rich spirits (like rum and whiskey)

March 10, 11, 12th: Complete and Certified Advanced Distilling Training

How to register?

Please check and look for Workshops. Well, in a few days time, because we still have to update the website for the new workshops. So … if you want to make sure, please email, state your name, address, etc. and what workshop you want to participate in.


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