Easy Lifting System 3.0!

Our new columns are modular. The riser connects to the boiler via a tri-clamp. The product collection part connects to the riser via a tri-clamp. And the column cooler connects to the product collection unit via a tri-clamp. This makes assembly and disassembly very easy.

Here’s our newest modular column part: Easy Lifting System 3.0!

As you can see underneath, it is the topmost part of the column. And yes, it connects to the column cooler … via a tri-clamp. Easy Lifting System 3.0 integrates three functions:

  1. Lifting eye, so one can use a tackle to easily lift the column;
  2. Cleaning In Place (CIP) system;
  3. Thermometer port to monitor cooling efficiency.

The drawing underneath depicts an ELS 3.0 for the iStill 100 NextGen. Of course, the bigger units (iStill 500, 2000, and 5000 NextGen) also benefit from this new, modular, and integrated innovation: