Building Process iStill 2000 NextGen (1)

Here are a few pictures I took in the factory this morning, where we are finishing building the last of a batch of iStills 2000 NextGen. If I am not mistaken, this unit is heading to Baltimore, for the ADI conference, soon. And to an East Coast customer after that. Next batch that the iStill Factory will work on? Six iStills 500 NextGen … but more on that in another post.

These pictures show an iStill 2000 NextGen after welding and prior to its acid bath. I’ll upload some pictures of how it looks after the acid cleaning bath tomorrow or the day after.

The next step in our fabrication process after acid bath cleaning is that we insulate the boiler. And after that the unit will go to the assembly hall, where it will pair with the column, the PLC, touch screen, and agitator. We’ll do the wiring there, then fire her up for testing, then de-assemble the unit prior to shipping.

As for now: some pictures of the iStill 2000 NextGen before its acid bath cleaning:

From behind …


From the left …


The front …


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