iStill NextGen as Masher/Fermenter

Our unique NextGen boiler combines mashing, fermenting and distilling capabilities. You can use all functionality … or just a part of it. And even if you choose to configure your iStill NextGen as – for example – a Masher/Fermenter … you can always upgrade to distilling later on. Or vice versa.

Here are a few pictures of an iStill 2000 NextGen configured for mashing and fermenting. There is a boiler radiator and a jet propulsion agitator. This unit is of course also equipped with the extra large, ultra low wattage heaters. This specific unit will be used by the customer to clean and ferment molasses for his rum making. For now.

For now? Yes, if the customer decides he wants to use this unit as a distilling device as well, all he has to do is purchase a column and download the right software!

This Orkney based distiller already has another iStill 2000 NextGen, that can mash, ferment, and distill. This additional unit is an efficient and versatile means to speed up his total production capacity, since – as you probably know – it’s the fermenting part that takes longest.

Uploading the newest Firmware and testing the Boiler Radiator …


This unit can be used for boiling, mashing, and fermenting …


An example of a 4-step automated mashing procedure …