iStill in North Carolina!

Last week Skylar and Scott visited us. They are from North Carolina, where Scott and his partners will be opening a distillery soon. Prior to receiving their iStill 2000 NextGen, they flew over to the Amsterdam iStill Center for some training.

How we organize a dedicated training like this pretty much depends on the wishes our customers have. In this case, Scott wanted to be trained on how to assemble the iStill 2000 NextGen, on how to run it, and on how to make gin and whiskey with it.

We had a great day, doing all that … and more. How about tasting some gins, having lunch, and then tasting some genevers? Here are a few pictures that’ll help get the message across that we had a great time together!

Scott starts to assemble his iStill 2000 NextGen:


Scott hugging his iStill 2000 NextGen after he assembled it:


The best way to learn about gin … is by drinking it (fltr: Scott, Vic, Skylar):


Lunch in the city’s former arsenal, now restaurant and hotel:


And here’s Scott and Skylar tasting genevers:


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