Running Costs iStills NextGen!


Let’s see how much our improved NextGen designs help you cut costs and make spirits at the lowest variable costs the industry has ever seen! For the iStill 500 NextGen as well as for the iStill 2000 NextGen.


All of our units now have pre-heating. It is a functionality that allows you to dial in a timer and start heating up at any time you want. Say, for example, that you want to start the distillation run when you arrive at the distillery, at 9 AM. The day before you can dial in that the iStill 500 NextGen should start heating at 7 AM and go as far as 80 degrees Centigrade in the boiler. By the time you get in, the unit is warmed up and ready to start producing! See the pictures underneath.

Heating-up the iStill 500 NextGen, with a 500 liter charge, will take two hours or less, at 18 kW power input per hour. That translates to the heat-up phase needing 36 kWh.

Heating-up your iStill 2000 NextGen, with a 2,000 liter charge, takes four hours on the 36 kW configuration. This translates into 144 kWh heat-up energy.


A run with the iStill 500 NextGen will take around 5 hours at 12 kW. That’s 60 kWh for the run. The iStill 2000 NextGen will run for around 8 hours at 20 kW, using a total of 160 kWh.

If we add this to the heat-up energy input, the iStill 500 NextGen uses around 100 kWh. The iStill 2000 NextGen uses a little over 300 kWh from start to finish.

Total Energy Costs

If we assume that one kWh of electricity costs EUR 0,15, the total costs of doing a run on the iStill 500 NextGen are just EUR 15,- in energy input. The iStill 2000 NextGen needs less than EUR 50,- to do a total run.

Energy Costs per Bottle

If you produce 125 bottles on the 500 liter unit run, and 500 bottles on a run with the iStill 2000 NextGen, the variable costs in this example are no more than EUR 0,10 per bottle!

The NextGen menu with heating, pot distilling and robot distilling …


Pre-Heating your iStill NextGen …


The actual run …


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