Distillers Meeting in Amsterdam!

From Sunday till Tuesday we had a total of 13 distillers visiting iStill. Most made it to the Sunday Night Dinner. A special iStill menu that started with Odins Gin. Please see the pictures underneath …


Monday, iStill Wizard Nick and I gave a workshop on the workings of the iStills. Hands-on, so we made rum at the same time. In the evening we trained the participants on cuts. Please see the pics underneath …


At the end of the day, many took their iStills 100 NextGen with them, back to the UK, Sweden, and other places …


It was a great few days. Tiring, inspiring, and so much fun to share a few days with like-minded people! Coming Monday the next group arrives!

To all the customers and attendants: thanks for coming over and spending time with us!

Regards, Odin.

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