Thirty-Three Questions on Taste Rich Distilling (and some answers …)

Hi there!

I get loads of questions on distilling. Especially on how to distill taste rich product. To help people understand how distilling actually works, I give a lot of lectures and workshops. Pretty much all over the world.

To make it easier to share my knowledge on distilling, I have written an E-Book with some information that may help you out, when making taste rich spirits. It is called:

“Thirty-Three Questions on Taste Rich Distilling (and some answers …)”

And that’s what it is. Thirty-three questions. And some answers. If you want to order it, please email:

I hope you like it! If you do, please let us know. If you don’t like the information shared, well, please let us know as well. And if you have more questions, feel free to ask them. They may be part of a next release!

Here are a few reactions of people who have already read it:

“Hi Odin,

Finally! An E-Book with some new and interesting info. I think you could have gone a bit more in-depth on question 16. Keep up the good work!



What a fine little e-book.  I really enjoyed reading it this morning, and look forward to more.  I particularly enjoyed the sections enumerating the correlations between still type and flavor profile.  I think the section regarding cuts and flavor profile were very interesting, and information I have not seen anywhere else. 

Most information out there has a lot more hocus pocus, smoke and mirrors, as opposed to actual techniques. Thanks again.


“Hi Odin,

5 stars for your first eBook! So, after many years of distilling I learned that I may have been using double the mount of yeast needed? Please keep up the great work.

Kind regards, Dolph”

“Hi Odin!

Great work! This is so useful to have me hoping for more e-books.

Greetings from Norway, Fredrik”

Thanks guys, for the feed back and kudos!

Regards, Odin.


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