iStill 100 NextGen Assembly!


Here’s an iStill Blog post with lots, and lots of pictures. Why? Because we are going to show you how to set up the iStill 100 NextGen. The manual version, that we specifically designed for easy training and easy product development, but that also sees many orders from craft distillers that want to make gin commercially.

Tech Talk post? Yes and no. “Yes” as in that it is technical, “no” in the way that it is very easy. One man can do it in about 10 minutes! Here we go:


You uncrate the boiler and you see it looks like this. Put it on a horizontal surface, that can hold some 150 kilo’s, and note it comes with a pre-attached heater and plug. The heating element is low density and works on 200 – 250 volts, and draws some 3.5 kW in total:


Other parts

There are more parts. For instance the column management system:


The column cooler:


And the after cooler, column packing, copper catalytic waffles, and hoses.

Setting it up for the cleaning run

Put the packing on the boiler’s column base, put the column on top, and use the tri-clamp to fix the column to the boiler. The result should look like this:


Now put a packing on top of the column, add the column management system, and use another tri-clamp to fix it to the column. The result should look like this (the ladder is helpful for those under 6 feet):


Now, attach the column cooler. First, place a packing on top of the column management system, then put the column cooler in place, now use a tri-clamp to fasten the cooler. Like this:


The thermometer doesn’t need cleaning, so just put some PTFE tape in place:


Put some PTFE tape around the Gardena couplings as well, to prevent water leaking:


Attach the hoses for water in (bottom) and water out (top):


Fill the boiler with 50 liters of water and 10 liters of vinegar, close the manhole, and fire it up by inserting the plug:


The run will start in about an hour. Leave the needle-valve wide open and collect 5 to 10 liters. After that unplug your istill 100 NextGen, empty the boiler and rinse her with water.

Your first real alcohol run is next. Don’t forget to add the thermometer probe, the catalytic converters, and the after cooler! Next, fill your unit with about 80 liters of 18% turbo wash. Try to stabilize by closing the needle-valve. When your probe reads 78 degrees C, start to slowly take-off Heads and see how, by easily manipulating the needle-valve, you can get your desired degree of purity and taste! Oh, and don’t forget to join the iStill Forum and tell us how you are doing, please!


Have fun!


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