Update on Production and Lead Times!


In order to keep up with demand, we are pushing out NextGens at quite the pace here. Currently, our factory is able to keep up with the amount of boilers you guys order. Just.

We have a few bottle-neck, however. In this iStill Blog post I want to inform you about them, as well as about our solutions and the consequences for lead times.


We currently face three bottle-necks:

  1. Boiler radiators;
  2. Robotized columns;
  3. Space for assembly, testing, and dispatching.

More of you than anticipated order boiler radiators on your iStills. It’s great to see so many of you wanting to add mashing and fermenting capability to your units. And here’s what we will do: make more boiler radiators. It’s as simple as that.

Especially on the bigger units, we expected most of you to actually demand stripping capability. But that’s not the case! Most of you order their iStills 2000 and 5000 NextGen with a robotized column, in order to help make taste rich product like whiskey or rum in one go. Again, I am very happy to see that, and we are currently both upping the number of robotized columns we push out, as well as talking to our suppliers to speed up parts delivery.

We take assembly, testing, and dispatching very serious. All units are tested and in pristine order, when they leave the Netherlands. And we pack them in such a way that they arrive in pristine order at your location.

This asks for quite some assembly floor space. We currently have 300 m2 allocated to assembly, testing, and dispatching. But given the huge demand we are getting, this just isn’t enough. We therefore anticipate to double our assembly hall floor space in the coming two months to 600 m2.

Lead time

High demand results in longer lead times. I’d love to have our lead times at no more than three months. But due to high demand, that’s not the case anymore. Lead time for orders under production is now four months instead of three. Lead times for orders coming in now or in September will be 5 to 6 months.


Do you want to get an impression on how full our assembly hall is? Please see the pictures underneath!


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