It’s electrifying!

Today, I want to share a few pictures of us electrifying the iStills 2000 NextGen! There are pictures of the PLC, as well as of us installing the ultra low wattage density heaters.

We are very proud of our PLC’s. They are the ultimate form of professional computers for total process control. And not only do they perform, they are build according to the highest quality standards. So high, that there is a 20 year warrantee on components and a 30 year spare parts delivery service!

The heaters are pieces of art too. Very sturdy, big, and built to last. Due to the size of the heating elements power output is as steady as possible, while ultra low output per square centimeter of surface area is achieved.

The iStill PLC …


The iStill PLC from another angle …


Arie installs the heating elements to an iStill 2000 NextGen …


Four heating elements on another iStill 2000 NextGen …


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