Odin & Family in Prague!

Prague is the beautiful capital of the Czech Republic. It is a city with lots of culture, beer, and tourists. I visited Prague a few times when I was a student. Some 5 years ago I took my wife there. Now it was time to take the kids!

After a trafic jam ridden trip through Germany, we arrived in Prague on Friday evening. On Saturday we toured the city by foot. Sunday morning we continued our trip towards Budapest, Hungary, where we stayed with family for another day. On Monday we finally drove the last bit: to our holiday house at Lake Balaton.

The program for the next few days? Well, tomorrow we will visit Lajos Szoke, owner of the Gemence Whiskey Distillery, some 1 1/2 hours south of us. On Thursday we will visit the iStill Cooperage for some fun times and business planning. Friday we’ll probably visit the biggest Hungarian palinka distillery.

For more updates on our trip, please follow the iStill Blog! For now … here are some photo’s of our stay in Prague:

Prague by night …


U Sumavi Restaurant for traditional Czech food …


Beer …